elle-je freeheart, sculptor, artist, word wyzardart from the heart of the gypsy, exploding boundaries edge to edge, transforming the matter of life into art.

“every piece of art is defined by its edges, as is the artist who created it. as curator of our own edges, the shape of the world we live in is altered by the boundaries we create or accept.”
-elle-jeʼ freeheart-

because words are one of my art forms you will find many of them on this site. words, sentences, paragraphs, stories……. for you to read or not…. this site is for you to peruse and enjoy in anyway that pleases you.
i offer my art to the fearless few who are willing to reexamine mainstream conformity, with its traditional ideas of acceptable identity, beauty, value, beliefs, or custom. to that end i surrender to that which reaches beyond my work into the broader realm that has no boundaries.

‘carousel’ by Circus Contraption

(photos: ©CMS Photography)
(photos design: Monteve)

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